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Shibumis- med bolonka sedan 2006

 Shibumis Ester 


06/07/2015 07:22

Piteå internationell dogshow 5 July
Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finland

Piteå offered beautiful sunshine mixed with clouds, something that the dogs appreciated. But we woulde have been thankfull for a  driving directions from the the organizers... Lucky to have a, if not a GPS, so a good friend thatt could guide us via mobile. We made it but just barely.

We don´t show much, this year we have been to 3 shows, so we are very proud of the results. 3 shows, 3 BOB with 3 different dogs and 3 different judge. Maybe we dare say that this speaks for width in the quality of our dogs :-)

For the first time in ages we showed Shibumis Serafina, and happy to say, she ended up as BOB! She also had her first CC.
Dobby was tired and didn´t want to show himself. He ended up with a VG – but don´t worry Dobby, we love You anyway J

Thanks to Willjam and his friend Neo that joined me for the day. Also very nice to meet Camilla and her new amazing Lagotto girl. I am sure she will make You very happy!


  • Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy, VG
  • Nevelichki Barin, VG
  • Zafferano Aurora, JKL Exellent 1 JKK
  • Nevelichki Gloriya, VG
  • Shibumis Serafina UKL Exellent 1 UKK CK 1 BTKL CC BOB
22/06/2015 14:35

SE UCH Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs & Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy  with Willjam

Me and Willjam spent the midsummer weekend in Rovaniemi and had a great time. The weather was perfect and the mosquitos had yet not arrived.
We did a nice work, putting up the tent, carried all our things, getting Dobby and Arisha ready for show...
And it all payed off :-)

Judge was Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania, a judge that really know the specific of this breed!
It was very nice to meet a judge that looked at the details that sort out a RTB from other small hairy breeds.
Big thanks also to my other son for taking care at the rest of the pack back home :-)


Zhemchuzhinka Assol Doctor Gaffs, HP BOB puppy

Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy, JKL Exellent, 1 JKK, CK, 1 BHKL, CC, BOS

Nikola Iz Roda Grande, VG 2JKK

SE UCH Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs, CK,  CHKl 1, CC, BOB, finnish champion

15/06/2015 13:00

Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy  BOB

Vännäs nationella dog show 2015-06-13

judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren

  • Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy, JKL Exellent, 1 JKK, CK, 1 BHKL, CC, BOB
  • Nevelichki Barin, VG
  • SE JV-15 SE V-15 Melody Od Krasne Reky, JKL Exellent, 1 JKK, CK, 1 BTKL, CC, BOS
  • Zafferano Aurora, JKL Exellent 2 JKK
  • Nevelichki Gloriya, VG

Congrats to all involved!

Big thanks to Catarina Finell and Susann Forsberg for nice comany all day.
Sorry that we crashed your tent all day... we never found our own one :-)
Thanks to Willjam for taking photos <3

Please, give me some treats..

30/12/2014 13:29

Finally the snow came. I sure did not missed it but allmost all dogs are happy.
Just look att our best Christmas gift, Cadence Aneriko AKA Greta jumping:-)
She is the grandchild from Shibumis Ester (father Shibumis Nestor) and we are so happy that she at last is here with us.

Thanks Irena, lots of hugs to You from me and Willjam!

But than... Tolstoy prefer inside... that´s why we love them all, they have such great personalities already as babies.

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