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Shibumis- med bolonka sedan 2006

 Shibumis Ester 


18/10/2013 09:51

A stunning beautiful fall comes to an end. Yesterday the first snow fell. This weekend we spent a few days in Northern Sweden inland. Nature was spectacular!
Both two and four-legged enjoyed the walks. Unfortunately I had no camera but can at least share with some pictures from the mobile.


18/08/2013 15:23

We had an awesome weekend!
Two champions, one in Sweden and one in US and Esters sister Engla had her first babies - one girl and one boy. Congrats to Evy, we are so happy for you!

I, Willjam and Cici went to SKKs Nationell dog show in Överkalix, high North in  Sweden. We checked in on the hotel and had a great evening. Willjam threw himself in the outdoor pool and practiced on his swimming. Lucky for him that Cicvi was with mom and kept her nice and easy:-)

I woke up with a terrible migraine and could not touch me without throwing up. The disappointment was total, Hil was going to compete for his last CC and for the first time, we would have the pleasure to showcase for a Russian well reputed judge Revaz Khomasurin

Willjam begged and prayed to go and show the dogs himself with Cici and finally I said yes. Went to sleep as soon as they went to the exhibition and woke up a few hours later when the phone rang:
- Mom, I've probably done you proud! Hil is a champion and Arischa also won :-)

I was still rather dazed and thought for several hours that Arisha was BOB, but it turned out that Hil who was on top this time. Arisha had to settle herself with BOS. But anyway, THANKS Willjam and Cici, you both are my heros and Willjam proved that small is bigenough!!

As allways, like us and see all results at ShowResultsRusskayaTsvetnayaBolonka

And then Jessica made great deeds in U S with her boy Shibumis Radok. He was our first RTB champion and we will come back later with more information. Well done Jess and Radok!! We love you both.

10/08/2013 19:42

Shibumi's Maya and her mistress Solweig made a long journey through half Sweden and pay us a visit.This is what we really love! When our bebies return to say hi, play a little and show how they have developed. 

Thanks Solweig and all of you all other with a Shibumis puppy! You all makes us feel that we are the fortunate ones. They are all so loved and well taken care of. Give them all a big kiss and hug from us in Umeå and be sure that they all have a speciall place in our hearts!

P S We tried to make some photos when Maya and, especially, Raisa was running together but o my, did they run to fast to be caught on picture!!


13/07/2013 13:05

We are so happy!

Our breeding Shibumis Hedvig had CC and BOB at Tvååker dog show. Judge was Nina Karlsdotter and 8 dogs was entered competitors. Hedvig is from Shibumis Balthazar and Samantha Aneriko. The weekend after in Köping Hedvig was was second best female with CK and reserv CC only only beaten by her daughter. Congrats also to Susanne Wiik, owner of Shibumis Hedvig.

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