Kemi int dog show

24/07/2016 11:35

What a week.... first my car broke down, then my mother... After many thoughts we rent a car - that also broke down - and went to Kemi internationell dog show. Driving 400 km one way in the night (after beeing up since 5.30 in the morning) we arrived and showed our dogs for judge Henrik Johansson (a real toy dogs judge).

Willjam showed Shibumis Uleia, Puppy 1, HP and BOB-Puppy. I am so proud of you Willjam!
Cadence Neswe Aneriko, Greta, CAC and BOB and Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy "Dobby", CAC and BOS. Long way home, but our travel went good and tomorrow its holiday and maybe time to rest.
We tried to make some photos... but we no one can do everything... But we did our best...