Liminka show

17/09/2016 13:58

We could not be more happy. Yesterday at Liminka show in Oulo we got 3 new champion titels!
SE UCH Shibumis Serafina was BOB, and CC. That made her a Finnish champion.
Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy aka Dobby became two years in August (wich is required for becoming a champion in the Nordic countries) was BOS, had CC and with that he is now both Finnish and Swedish champion!
Many thanks to Inga-Carin for company and help with driving in dark... also thanks to my sons, Viktor and Willjam for taking care of the dogs at home. But Willjam, you were really, really missed during the day. And to my beloved dogs, thanks for allways beeing som happy!!
Judge was Igoris Zizevskis, Liettua. He showed vey big knowledge and handled the dogs with utmost kindness.