Oulo int dog show

12/07/2016 11:10

This weekend we went to Oulo internationell dog show and had a really good time. Judge was Jussi Liimatainen. The weather was sweet, almost to hot, as you can se on the dogs...
Cadence Neswe Aneriko, our Greta, once agin BOB and CAC.
Shibumis Uleia made her debut and loved to show herself :-) She had Puppy 1, HP and BOB-Puppy. 
The day before at Kokkola dog show her brother, Shibumis Umir, Puppy 1, HP and BOB-Puppy!

We are proud and happy over our dogs they allways make their best, allways happy to show themself when we ask them, even after so many hours in the car. In the evening we tried to give them what they love most. A long, long walk in the beautiful city Oulo.


Uleia Puppy 1, HP and BOB-Puppy