Överkalix nat dog show

13/08/2016 16:26

Today we had a great time at Överkalix national dog show. My lovely boy Dobby, Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy, got CAC again but BOB was our SE UCH Shibumis Serafina. Well done babe!

Her daughter, Shibumis Uleia made her debut in junior class (9 1/2 months) with exellent and had a great critique...
... but she showed she is still a puppy and most of the time she just played in the ring. We love that and have the time to let her grow up.
Me and Willjam was so happy also that we had convinced Cici to show "our" (I hope it´s OK Cici that I still count Helen as a familymember) Helen as veteran. She showed that she was still going strong and got CQ and ended up as second bitch (10 years old).
Judge was Zorica Salijevic. A very pleasant acquaintance who showed the greatest respect for our (and all others) dogs.