Rovaniemi dog show

22/06/2015 14:35

SE UCH Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs & Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy  with Willjam

Me and Willjam spent the midsummer weekend in Rovaniemi and had a great time. The weather was perfect and the mosquitos had yet not arrived.
We did a nice work, putting up the tent, carried all our things, getting Dobby and Arisha ready for show...
And it all payed off :-)

Judge was Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania, a judge that really know the specific of this breed!
It was very nice to meet a judge that looked at the details that sort out a RTB from other small hairy breeds.
Big thanks also to my other son for taking care at the rest of the pack back home :-)


Zhemchuzhinka Assol Doctor Gaffs, HP BOB puppy

Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy, JKL Exellent, 1 JKK, CK, 1 BHKL, CC, BOS

Nikola Iz Roda Grande, VG 2JKK

SE UCH Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs, CK,  CHKl 1, CC, BOB, finnish champion