Serafina did it again!

27/08/2015 16:28

Överkalix dog show, 21 August, gave us this summer's warmest days. Me and Willjam once again had a nice day despite some tribulations when the tent would be set up on Friday, which led me to spend some time at the health center ...  Thanks for the quick and professional help.
There were 7 dogs entered, but none of the two males competed today. We had left our Dobby home because Serafina come in heat and a night in hotel with a female dog in heat and a male dog was nothing we wanted to try ... :-)

Shibumis Serafina, BOB

Our judge Hans Almgren was scrupulous with distributed CK, so it was particularly gratifying that Shibumis Serafina once again got CC and BOB. The second of the two who got CK was our amazing FI UCH SE UCH Irish Kream Doctor gaffs. She became second best bitch. We are proud over our ladys!!

We were also proud that BOB puppy with HP was an offspring out of SE UCH Shibumis Hedvig who is half sister to Shibumis Serafina.

Me with Shibumis Serafina, BOB and judge Hans Almgren with  Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs, runner up bitch

Zafferano Aurora, JKL Exellent 1 JKK 
Nevelichki Gloriya, Exellent, 2 UKK  Shibumis Serafina UKL Exellent 1 UKK CK CAC BOB
SF UCH SE UCH Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs Exellent 1 CHKL CQ 2 Best bitch