Shibumis Engla BOB

19/08/2014 12:03

Eskilstuna dog show 16 August 2014

Shibumis Engla e SE UCH Hil Color Vinny VrshS u Russkaja Istorija Zhakonya    photo: Willjam Lindberg

Another succesfull weekend with our dogs. We are happy to announce that Shibumis Engla had CC BOB at Eskilstuna dog show.  Judge was Kerstin Nilsson and she had seven RTB on place. We are so proud, especially since she is sister to our lost Ester.

Thanks also to her family that entrusted us to have her in our pack the last month. She will be missed when she go back home, but we are sure we will se her again :-) 

 During the day Willjam started a new carrier as a dog photographer since we only had one dog to show.  Woow he is so good at everything he puts his hands on...  I am happy to show some of his pictures. 

Shibumis Engla