Shibumis Ester

This is our loved Ester, she was born in our house. She was in a litter of 3 with  Iriskas and Hil as parents. Willjam was almost 4 years old at that time and something happend between this two! I did not planned to let Ester stay with us but the evening before she was going to leave I realised I could not let Willjam go throug it so Ester stayed and become a member in our pack. But most of all she and Willjam unit in their own pack :-)

Ester was not only a happy big hearted dog, she was also Willjams best frind and the most beautiful RTB I have ever seen. (Just to bad we never had the chans to show her at official shows)

As a breeder I sure wanted to have puppies from her. Everything was going well, she loved to lay in the sun, enjoying life and her big belly. Then everything went wrong! The first puppy get stuck (please notice - this had nothing to do with Esters construction - just very bad luck according to the vet) We had to let her go through a c section. This was the first time one of my dogs had to do so and remember that I have been breeding dogs for 30 years. She had 3 puppies (all black) one was dead but we was happy for the boy and girl remaining.

But the worst thing was still to come, Ester did not recovering and died in our home one days later.  Word can not express our grief.

Thanks to all our other girl that took care of Esters babies and thanks Ester for all you gave us - we still miss you so much!!