Puppy from Shibumi's

All our puppies are always reared in the house with the family and the other dogs and cat so they are all highly socialized. During our 31 years as breeders we have never ever had one accident including our puppies. We make sure they are safe without locking them in cells/cages. We NEVER keep our small in cells/cages, they are simply part of our family and we wish them to continue being that in their new family.

Puppies from Shibumis are of course registered in the Swedish Kennel Club (FCI-recognized), up to date vaccinated, de-wormed, health checked and 'none-visible-disease-assured' for three years., if required pet passport.

A puppy/dog from us should be brought in to the family to share your everyday life. Also consider the fact that a Tsvetnaya bolonka has an expected life span of 10-15 years! So you must really prepared to share your life with your furry friend for a considerable length of time:-)

Today we have babies living around the world, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Czech, UK and USA. We have no problem selling puppies abroad and help you in all way we are able. We do not ship our small ones but hand delivering are possible.

We do not sell puppies to kennel surroundings, neither do we sell for show or breeding purposes - we sell PUPPIES, not adults!

On the other hand -  We do make sure to only use dogs healthy in both mind and body in our breeding, so IF you should later on want to breed from them or show, their origin would make a strong Foundation.

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