As a dog breeder for more than 20 years I thought could never get excited about a new breed again.
Then I stumbled over Russkaya tsvetnaya bolonka, RTB,  2005 and 2006 I was the proud owner of the first RTB dogs in Sweden.
In the year of 2007 our (and Scandinavias ) first litter was born and registered in SKK (Swedish Kennelclub).
We are passionate supporters of the breed and select our breeding dogs with great care.
We are grateful and pleased with the dogs that we have been entrusted to import.

We have been breeding dogs since 1986, mainly Bichon frise and Lagotto romangnolo. We are proud over all our offspring that have become champion and/or the foundation in others breeding program. They are quite a lot:-) But also, or mostly, we find pleasure in knowing we have breed puppies that have found loving home bringing so much joy to their new owners.

Since we belive that nature have superior selection principles we only use dogs in our breeding program that are fertila and need no help when mating or whelping (even if we of course allways are there and ready to help if needed). We always look for strong puppies that can feed themself as newly born and then goes on and meet the world with confidence and happines! This is the primal start for sound breeding regardless animal and breed.

Below are some of our earlier breedings. Most of them are so old we don´t have theirs photos in the computer:-) We will scan and add, come back and watch!

OBS! Photos of Shibumis RTB You will find under "Our dogs - Babes from Shibumis"

Have a great time with us and and our small russian colored lap dogs and thanks for visiting us!

Shibumi's from the past

Shibumi's people