Here You can find information about the breed, breed standards, photos from past dogs,
articles from Russian breeders  and my short personal view of RTB.
You can also find information on the Swedish Kennel Clubs site  Enjoy and please feel free to ask and comment.

Personal thoughts about RTB

For me dog breeding is, and have allways been, a big part of life! As a "true" breeder the goal is to breed dogs that are so close to the breed standard as possible, but what is a "breed"?
For me it is dogs of unique character and appearance. So for exampel, a RTB is not only a sweet, hairy and small dog. It need something more for being a true RTB.
This is not easy to explain in words and also I can not say I am right (the truth have many sides) but for me the mening of RTB was found when I saw a picture of Russkaja Istorija Yatrofa. I had never before seen a dog looking like this! 
I could not stop looking and find myself with a big smile on my face whenever I was thinking/looking of her.She was truly unique, absolutely super sweet but with this speciall funny "monkey" expression that made me fall in love with this breed. And then I found out there where "more of her" and I understand that this was really a unique sort of small dogs that I have loved ever since then.
Thanks Irena and Vitaly that gave me my first own RTB. I will allways be so thankful to you both!
Russkaja Istorija Yatrofa