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Shibumis- med bolonka sedan 2006

 Shibumis Ester 


06/07/2013 00:00

6 July we participated on Piteå internationella dog show.
Judge was Mona Selbach, Norway and she had 5 dogs (1 puppy) to assess.

Hil got his second CC and was once again BOS. Arischa was second best female with CK and reserv CC. Of course we love to win but we are so happy with Helen, Nevskaja Uslada Tsvetnaya Zhemchuzh,  as BOB. She is not longer living with us but will allways have a speciall place in our hearts and we still count her as a member in our pack :-)
As allways you can find results at ShowResultsRusskayaTsvetnayaBolonka

15/06/2013 12:57

Vännäs was an odd experience.
There was some ( 5 adult and 1 puppy) really nice looking bolonkas showed but not in the eye of the judge. In his opinion non of the dogs was worthy a CC so there was no BOB or BOS. But  we had atleast sun all day!

But that´s dog shows, the judge decide and we who shows just have to lick our wounds and look forward to the next show :-) 

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26/05/2013 20:28
Judge: Wim Wellens, Netherlands
6 dogs

550 km one way is a long trip but the weather was sweet, sun was shining and our little boy Hil Color Vinny Vrsh got his first CC and ended up as BOS,  Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs got R-CC and was second best bitch.So we had a great day, special thanks to our friend Annika that joined us. Hope to see you soon again :-)


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18/05/2013 00:00

Nationella dog show 18 May 2013
Judge: Hans Almgren, Sweden

We have been waiting so many years for this and at last could show show our RTB official.
Our lovely little lady Irish Kream Doctor Gaffs AKA Aricha got CC and BOB! We are happy!

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