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Shibumis- med bolonka sedan 2006

 Shibumis Ester 


02/10/2016 10:51

I helgen har jag gjort ett utskick till alla er som har en Shibumishund.

Det är min förhoppning att så många som möjligt vill delta och att just du vill dela lite bilder och
några ord om din hund.  För visst har vi alla den finaste hunden i världen!
Jag har gjort mitt bästa för att få med alla, har du inte fått utskicket så kolla i din skräppost.
Andra kanske har bytt e-post adressoch själv har jag haft ett och annat datahaveri genom åren.
Så har du inte fått det, mejla din e-post till dig så länger jag in det i sändlistan.

Jag önskar er alla en underbar höstdag tillsammans med era hundar!

17/09/2016 13:58

We could not be more happy. Yesterday at Liminka show in Oulo we got 3 new champion titels!
SE UCH Shibumis Serafina was BOB, and CC. That made her a Finnish champion.
Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy aka Dobby became two years in August (wich is required for becoming a champion in the Nordic countries) was BOS, had CC and with that he is now both Finnish and Swedish champion!
Many thanks to Inga-Carin for company and help with driving in dark... also thanks to my sons, Viktor and Willjam for taking care of the dogs at home. But Willjam, you were really, really missed during the day. And to my beloved dogs, thanks for allways beeing som happy!!
Judge was Igoris Zizevskis, Liettua. He showed vey big knowledge and handled the dogs with utmost kindness.

13/08/2016 16:26

Today we had a great time at Överkalix national dog show. My lovely boy Dobby, Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy, got CAC again but BOB was our SE UCH Shibumis Serafina. Well done babe!

Her daughter, Shibumis Uleia made her debut in junior class (9 1/2 months) with exellent and had a great critique...
... but she showed she is still a puppy and most of the time she just played in the ring. We love that and have the time to let her grow up.
Me and Willjam was so happy also that we had convinced Cici to show "our" (I hope it´s OK Cici that I still count Helen as a familymember) Helen as veteran. She showed that she was still going strong and got CQ and ended up as second bitch (10 years old).
Judge was Zorica Salijevic. A very pleasant acquaintance who showed the greatest respect for our (and all others) dogs.

24/07/2016 11:35

What a week.... first my car broke down, then my mother... After many thoughts we rent a car - that also broke down - and went to Kemi internationell dog show. Driving 400 km one way in the night (after beeing up since 5.30 in the morning) we arrived and showed our dogs for judge Henrik Johansson (a real toy dogs judge).

Willjam showed Shibumis Uleia, Puppy 1, HP and BOB-Puppy. I am so proud of you Willjam!
Cadence Neswe Aneriko, Greta, CAC and BOB and Dozhdik Iz Severnoi Stolitsy "Dobby", CAC and BOS. Long way home, but our travel went good and tomorrow its holiday and maybe time to rest.
We tried to make some photos... but we no one can do everything... But we did our best...

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